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// CrossSockets
// Copyright Jeroen Saey
// Created 27-01-2013
// CrossSocket.h
#pragma once
#include "CrossSocketsCore.h"
#include "BaseCrossSocket.h"
#include <string>
class CrossSocket : public BaseCrossSocket
CrossSocket(blockTypeEnum block = blocking);
virtual ~CrossSocket();
virtual bool bind(int port, CrossSocketErrors *error = NULL); //use port=0 to get any free port
virtual bool bind(int port, std::string host, CrossSocketErrors *error = NULL); //you can also specify the host interface to use
virtual bool connect(int port, std::string hostname, CrossSocketErrors *error = NULL);
// Tools
// Gets IP address, name or port.
virtual std::string getClientAddress(CrossSocketErrors *error = NULL);
virtual int getClientPort(CrossSocketErrors *error = NULL);
virtual std::string getClientHostName(CrossSocketErrors *error = NULL);
virtual std::string getServerAddress(CrossSocketErrors *error = NULL);
virtual int getServerPort(CrossSocketErrors *error = NULL);
virtual std::string getServerHostName(CrossSocketErrors *error = NULL);
virtual void getSocket();
virtual BaseCrossSocket* create(int socketdescriptor, CrossSocketErrors *error);